Transform any bar into a charging station.

Wouldn't it be valuable for customers to enjoy your food and drinks without the worry of their mobile device dying? Our simple and sleek design is engineered to fit any bar setup, allowing your customers to charge their mobile devices while sitting at the bar.


Built to blend in.

The PowerEdge charging system is designed to be accessible to your customers, without getting in the way of your employees.


Small but powerful.

The power source delivers up to 2.5 amps per port. The minimum standard for most mobile devices to charge is 1.0 amps. The safety system ensures complete protection for the customer and their devices.

Dimensions:  2'' (L)  x  1.5'' (W)  x  .5'' (H) 


What surfaces can the charging station adhere to?


If your bar is made from another material, please contact us.


How much does transforming my bar cost?

Servicing:  There are no maintenance or repair costs. All product failures and repairs are included in the service plan.

Installation:  Costs depend on a variety of factors. Does your bar have 10 or 20 seats?  What surface is your bar top made of? 


Request a consultation with a PowerEdge representative in order to conduct an install and cost analysis. 


How can we help you?